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Back in the day, getting cosmetic surgery was something people hid from public glare. More often than not, persons who had gone under the knife would deny ever having had surgery, particularly because of the immoral and destructive perception the society held about people who had worked on their bodies surgically.

But today, that narrative is fast being buried, as more and more persons, particularly women, have become more vocal about having cosmetic surgeries and undergoing body enhancements in order to have the bodies of their dreams. …

I wouldn’t call myself an enthusiastic cook. For the most part, my love for cooking is directly proportional to my love of not dying from hunger. Once in a while, though, when the cooking fairies find their way to me, I make an elaborate show of whipping up one special dish or another.

My sporadic cooking fervor, notwithstanding, I know as much as to have some essential items in my kitchen. Even as a single lady living alone, I didn’t joke with them. Essentials differ from one person to another, so this list is missing some of the things…

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Family get-togethers do not have to be awkward, monotonous, or once in a blue moon. We all need to spend more quality time together with family. Life is busy and stressful enough as it is, and if you have a loving, functional family, make the most of your blessing.

A get-together with your loved ones should serve as a safe space for sanity, laughter, good food, and fun. If you’re looking to put one together soon, or you intend to spice up the ones you usually have, this is the article for you. …


Working from home can be quite tricky especially when you’ve just started out. Different distractions may occur during the day and attempt to take out of your work time and make you less productive. However, you can be at your optimal productivity level even when you are working from home.

1. Wake up early

The first tip to being productive while working from home is to wake up early to start your day or rise at the usual time that you wake up when you were still going to the office. Waking up later than usual would prove tricky as well as suck away…

Dogs are fiercely loyal and intelligent animals that have been man’s companions for several decades. Their presence in the lives of many people has made them stronger, healthier, and more responsible. For many dog parents, there are very few pleasures on earth like owning and caring for a dog. When getting a dog, you’ll most likely consider many factors like the friendliest dogs or which dogs are most effective as guard dogs.

However, there are so many breeds that choosing the right one for you can be a little unsettling. Your reason for owning or adopting a dog should determine…

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Everyone one of us has certainly gone through this one. Remember when you had to deliver a speech at your aunt’s friend’s cousin’s party and you kept putting it off because every time you sat to write, nothing… happened. Or perhaps, it was the history paper you had to write or even a song you needed to come up with for band practice.

We all have those moments where our writing well… sucks. Or, maybe we find that we can’t even write at all. When this occurs, you have two options. You can give up and say ‘hey, I tried…

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Starting a business and learning to swim are alike in a lot of ways; you feel like you’re drowning! As a business owner though, it’s not water that’s trying to drown you. It’s data, debts, records, complaints, and a lot of other things. Even after your business is past the start-off phase, things can still get really tough.
Dishonest employees, damaged goods, and even those refunds that kinda hurt your feelings. Finding people who share these feelings can help to take some of the edges off. Even though they’re movie people. Not to mention that you could learn a thing…

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Fruits are one of the most important parts of your diet. They are sweet, delicious snacks that are vital for growth and health. A fruit bowl is a large bowl full of various fruit, and if you ask me, it should sit in plain sight on every kitchen island, encouraging everyone who goes to the kitchen for a snack to munch on fruits instead of an unhealthy alternative.

The phrase “fruits are good for you” is commonly used, but it would be good to find out WHY. …

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The word intelligence has been defined in so many ways but simply put, it refers to a person’s ability to comprehend and apply one’s knowledge in tackling different situations

Often mistaken as an innate trait, intelligence is a trait in humans that is influenced by one’s environment and genetic constitution. And it can be improved on with time depending on one’s lifestyle. To improve one’s intelligence, there are certain habits that an individual must inculcate, including:

1. Eating healthy food

Health they say is wealth and one important way of staying healthy is eating, not just any food but good food which are rich…

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Getting insurance for your life, family, and property is beyond luxury. It is actually a necessity that would save you a whole lot in the long run. Insurance has to do with getting indemnity against a future occurrence, or some unknown event that may occur in the future. Taking security for uncertain events of life through insurance helps to mitigate risk, and is a smart way of providing protection.

With insurance, you pay a fee known as a premium to an insurance company, in order to transfer the cost of loss of what is insured to them, in a case…

Mary Scott

Mary is an Editor at the online women’s magazine, AmoMama, and is passionate about improving quality of life for the African girl child.

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