9 Ways to Become More Intelligent

Mary Scott
4 min readJun 13, 2021
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The word intelligence has been defined in so many ways but simply put, it refers to a person’s ability to comprehend and apply one’s knowledge in tackling different situations

Often mistaken as an innate trait, intelligence is a trait in humans that is influenced by one’s environment and genetic constitution. And it can be improved on with time depending on one’s lifestyle. To improve one’s intelligence, there are certain habits that an individual must inculcate, including:

1. Eating healthy food

Health they say is wealth and one important way of staying healthy is eating, not just any food but good food which are rich in nutrients. Good food should contain the six classes of food because each of these classes of food has its significance in the human body. Studies have identified foods rich in omega-3, vitamins D, C, and E, amongst others to be beneficial to the health, as they mitigate chances of developing reduced cognitive processing. Individuals should therefore always watch their food intake because a bad diet may lead to the impairment of the brain.

2. Sleep

The importance of sleep can never be over-emphasized in boosting one’s intelligence. Sleeping is just as essential as eating. Adequate sleeping hours go a long way in enhancing the brain’s functionality; as it can increase the memory span of individuals. The lack of sleep can impede one’s ability to focus on activities, reason adequately, and process memories. Always remember that sleeping is a good form of meditation, and serves to boost one’s intelligence and cognitive ability.

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3. Exercising

Being fit is one of the ways to stimulate the brain, as it not only challenges your brain, it also increases its functionality. A saying goes thus, “Good things come to those who sweat.” Fitness starts with your mind, and once you think it, you can achieve it.

It has also been discovered that this activity is also beneficial to the elderly…

4. Meditation

The act of meditation is a mental exercise, in which an individual focuses his mind to reflect on certain thoughts for a duration of time. Meditation helps in improving self-awareness, creativity, attention span, and imagination. It generally increases one’s emotional and mental health and in the process an individual’s intelligence increases.

5. Read books

Reading is a mental exercise and research has proven that the act of reading helps all parts of the brain. It not only improves the brain’s functionality but also helps reduce the probability of developing diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Individuals who started reading at an early age grow up to become adults with higher levels of cognitive skills. There are several benefits that are connected to reading such as increased concentration, creative thinking, analytical thinking, memory improvement amongst others.

6. Socialize

Socialization involves people learning to act in a manner that is accepted by society. The relationship between an individual and their siblings and parents helps them in expressing their feelings and boosts their confidence in relating with people, who are not members of their family. This in turn helps to improve an individual’s intelligence. Social interaction has been known to play a significant role in keeping the brain active and increasing cognitive function. And in the early stages of life, not socializing can impede the development of the brain, affects one’s motor skills and cognitive function.

7. Continued learning

“Once you stop learning, you start dying”- Albert Einstein.
This statement is so true! It implies that when an individual stops learning, he does not die physically, but rather will start dying mentally since nothing is been learned to keep the brain active. By learning, we acquire new skills and improve our knowledge to help in critical thinking to proffer solutions to problems. Continuous learning nourishes the mind, keeps us relevant, and helps change our perspective on things.

8. Learning how to use musical instruments

A fun way of enhancing one’s intelligence is learning how to play musical instruments. This has a way of improving cognitive and sensory abilities.
For instance, learning how to play the keyboard enhances an individual’s cognitive abilities, comprehension, and reading. It has also been discovered that this activity is also beneficial to the elderly because it helps retain their grey matter and improves their memory.

9. Learning a new language

Learning new languages affects the human brain positively. The intricacies that come with the different sets of grammar rules help in the enlargement of the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that plays a significant role in memory and learning. Studies have shown that people who know more than one language have increased critical thinking skills, multitasking skills, improved memory, etc.



Mary Scott

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